What is Pushletter?

Pushletter allows you to create your own newsletter delivered via Messenger. It is like mailing list for Messenger or push notifications for Messenger.

We believe Messenger is the best way to deliver content to your subscribers and Pushletter is the most convenient tool to build newsletter and collect subscribers organically.

Why Messenger is the best channel to send newsletters?

It is right time to start perceiving Messenger as another channel of customer aquisition and audience. It is more personal than e-mail and more creative than Facebook posts.

Better open rate than e-mail

It just works. It does not feel as awkward as e-mail, it is less official and more fun.

Perfect for content consumption

People consume the content in short bits. E-mail does not fit our times. Sending short updates or weekly newsletters is native for Messenger.

Be where subscribers are

Messenger is always with your user. Ordering a pizza, chatting with friends, and now reading your Pushletter - mobile, PC and tablets.

The easiest subscription acquisition. Ever.

It might be one click, no emails, no sign up forms.
Read more below!

Success story: We built Sport news bot for major Polish publisher, Agora. It grew organically to 6 000 subscribers in few days after release. Readers can find bot in Discovery or subscribe by clicking a link on their website. Bot went instantly viral (because Messenger = sharing, and email... just not) and still delivers great results. Read case study [Polish only].

Why Pushletter?

Start in nanoseconds

Installing and configuring your Pushletter takes 3 clicks, literally. You have control over your branding.
After connecting to your Facebook page, you can customize Pushletter and collect subscribers with our help.

Fair pricing

You pay for collecting subscribers. $29.99 and $49.99. No marketing tricks with multiple pricing points with no real value.

Think twice: Is your current email provider worth it?

Broadcast with ease

Use What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor to design and personalize your messages. You can send rich galleries or plain text. Use dead-easy image upload to get images from Facebook or Instagram.
Personalize your message!

Get subscribers on Day One

Marketing your Pushletter is easier than you think. Copy-and-paste link to your Pushletter or embed it on your website.

You can also integrate it using open API with any system: WordPress, Node.js, any tech stack you have!


Frictionless, one click subscriber acquisition

Starting a conversation with fanpage

Pushletter integrates with fanpage. Anyone that started a conversation can be reached via Pushletter. Users can opt-out if they want.

One click button!

Try subscribing our own Pushletter below. It's way easier than typing boring e-mail!

Short link

You can share short link or AR code. Starting a conversation via such link will get you a new subscriber.

Live chat

Add live chat to your page, like we do on Pushletter.net!

👆 You can do this with Pushletter!
No more e-mails!


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Our Pricing

With our default Pushletter Experiment, you can validate your content strategy.
Then, it's $29.99 per month and $49.99 over 10,000 contacted users.
Pushletter is forever free for public libraries and theatres.


Free Trial

  • Marketing resources
  • All message formats
  • WordPress and other integrations
  • Live chat on your website
  • Collect over 100 subscribers


$ 29 .99 /mo

  • Marketing resources
  • All message formats
  • WordPress and other integrations
  • Live chat on your website
  • Collect up to 10,000 subscribers
  • Integration help


$ 49 .99 /mo

  • Marketing resources
  • All message formats
  • WordPress and other integrations
  • Live chat on your website
  • Collect over 10,000 subscribers
  • Integration help

Custom bot

$ 999 or more

  • Custom-built bot
  • All Pushletter features
  • All Messenger Platform possibilites
  • AR lens integration
  • ...and more!
  • Starting at one-time fee $999

Oh, and by the way! We can generate scannable code for your fanpage.
Scan it with Messenger to subscribe:

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you succeed!

Yes, it is. Or isn't. Ask us using contact form.
For example news, sport, blogs and personal brands benefit from Messenger. If your business is content based and you feel like e-mail should work but you can do more and better - Pushletter is totally for you.
You cannot send promotional messages. We will not ban you, but it is possible that Facebook will. Also, it decreases subscribers' base. The wisest strategy is to launch some interesting project on Messenger - Daily News, Weekly Roundup or live updates from ongoing event.
Language schools can profit from virality of Messenger with sending new words each day.
Imagine a newsletter you want to read and send it with Pushletter.
Up to eight billion :)
Yes, it is. We give you the tools to manually remove the data about the user.
We have ready to use resources for you. They include links, Messenger Scan Code and one-click subscription checkbox. We guide you through submitting your Pushletter to Discovery section. Pushletter has seamless ads integration - either with custom CTA button or payload.
Essentially, it's the same as normal newsletter, but easier to acquire the users.
Try scanning our code:
Pushletter works with other bots too.
You can sell Pushletter as white-label messaging tool for your chatbot. Use API to subscribe users and broadcast.
Contact us and let's discuss possibilities.
Yep. You can add a link to the bot (find it in your Dashboard) or include a payload for ads.
We work well with Lookalike Audience.
It's instant! Faster than e-mail and other chatbot services.
It can happen through messaging your Facebook page or directly via Messenger. They can subscribe with one-click via your website or live chat.
It's always white label.
You can integrate Pushletter with e-mail newsletter and automate it like traditional newsletter.

Newsletter that people open and read.

Create your newsletter on Messenger. You can create test Facebook page and implement Pushletter there for free.
Start delivering interesting content and watching even more interesting results. Pushletter is so easy and so simple.
You won't regret it. It takes 5 minutes and $0 to test the idea.

Philosophy of newsletters

We share insights about the development of newsletters.

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