WhatsApp & Telegram Chatbot Marketing
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How to get Started?

Everything you will need to succeed at Telegram & WhatsApp marketing is right at your fingertips. Take a look at what you can do and how to get started.

Connect to Pushletter

Create a Telegram Chatbot @BotFather or create a WhatsApp business account, and then connect it to Pushletter in a few easy steps. It`s just a piece of cake.

Broadcast Message Anytime

You can send promotional messages, notifications, and updates at any time. According to one survey, the average open rate was over 80%. There is no 24-hour rule restriction for Telegram.

Share Chatbot Link & Build List

Include a link to the Chatbot on your website, social media pages, and email newsletters. Segment the list using tags and custom fields based on the user input flow.

Automated Drip Messaging

You can set up automated sequence messages after a specified time interval, such as minutes, hours, or days, in addition to broadcasting messages.

Live Chat

Pushletter offers centralized live-chat features for both Telegram and WhatsApp . It quick, easy to manage and offers top-notch client support.

User Input & Custom Field

Ask users a single or a series of questions. Answers can be kept as a variable in a custom field and used to segment subscribers.

eCommerce inside Telegram

Set up a full-fledged eCommerce store with a simple checkout system within Telegram. It can be used to order both physical and digital items, as well as food ordering.

Team Member

To manage your Pushletter account on your behalf, you can use a number of team members.By designing team roles that allow specific activities on specific modules, you can control team member access.

Advanced Features

Connect to Pushletter

BotFather, a Telegram Chatbot, will assist us in setting up a bot account. We only need to submit the bot name and username. BotFather will respond with a URL to the Chatbot as well as an access token. To connect the bot account to Pushletter, use the Access token. You can set up auto-replies the way you want them as soon as you link the bot to Pushletter Set up a WhatsApp business account and cloud api, and then link them to Pushletter using the access token and ID of the business account.

Start Building Chatbot using Visual Drag & Drop Editor

 Pushletter Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder aids in the visual creation of a bot. It provides a bird`s eye perspective of your entire bot, which aids in the development of a highly engaging bot.You can create, test, and build chatbots graphically using a single no-code online interface.

Get a short link to embed on your website or send via email or social media

A simple link to your Telegram Chatbot or WhatsApp business can result in a large number of subscribers. Pushletter can create a short link that may be shared on websites, social media, and even emails. When a subscriber clicks on a Short link, they will receive an immediate answer from a bot. Additionally, Pushletter offers Telegram & WhatsApp chat widgets that may be integrated onto any website.

Broadcast to Subscribers

Broadcasting is an excellent Pushletter tool that allows you to engage with your contacts list while also assisting in the growth of your business. Based on a number of precise factors, a segmented audience can be reactivated, re-engaged, or sent messages, reminders, or follow-ups. Businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform are charged per conversation. Each WhatsApp Business account will receive 1K free conversation per month. Learn more about pricing here Telegram broadcasting has no limitations, unlike WhatsApp. The Telegram Chatbot is not subject to the 24-hour restriction, thus you are not limited in terms of time.

Set up Drip Campaigner for Messaging Automation

After a messaging session with a user has ended, a sequence or drip of messages can be sent at a predetermined time. Different sequence messages could be set up based on the user`s activity or responses. We can deliver alternative sequences of drip messages to different users based on the user`s response.Hourly and daily sequences are the two forms of sequences. We can set up a campaign in which the sequence campaigner sends messages every hour/minute or every day.

Manage & Segment Subscriber List

Label your unique subscribers to separate or group them. You can send multiple sorts of sequence or broadcasting messages by segmenting your subscribers into distinct labels.Use labels to separate your chatbot subscribers. Button labels are assigned to buttons in your chatbot`s flow. When subscribers click the button, they are assigned labels. As a result, you may use a label to sort your subscribers and send them a message using a label.

WhatsApp Webhook Workflow

Webhooks are automatic communication mechanisms that one app can use to send data to another app. Any third-party webhook compatible software, such as Typeform, Google Forms, WP Elementor, WooCommerce, or Shopify, can transmit data to Pushletter, thanks to the “WhatsApp Webhook Workflow” feature that Pushletter provides. This capability, for instance, can be used extremely effectively to automate WooCommerce and Shopify order confirmation, the conversion of COD payments to pre-paid payments, and many other tasks.

API Developer Console

APIs work by sending requests for information from a web application or web server and receiving a response. Pushletter offers API end-points for developers to connect any other application with Pushletter. We offer WhatsApp text message sending, WhatsApp template message sending, WhatsApp subscriber add many more yet to be released.

Create a Full-Featured eCommerce Platform

We have a very powerful eCommerce store for Telegram bot. A well designed eCommerce store could be presented to the users on Telegram bot. And yes, everything will be automatically. Depending on a keyword or a button clicks the Chatbot can present the eCommerce store to the user.Users can browse categories, add things to their carts, pay for them, and have them delivered to their homes. In a nutshell, Pushletter can act as a dedicated salesperson for your company on Telegram bot.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why Telegram chatbot is important?
It is now the most popular Messaging platform next to Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and WhatsApp. However, all these Facebook stuff has limitations to broadcasting messages, such as a 24 hour rule that prohibits bulk sending. Telegram does not have that limitation. That is why telegram is better suited to broadcasting. Let`s not limit our responses to email marketing. We should also build alternative lists to broadcast. We can do so using Telegram. Open rate in telegram is more than 80%.
Is there any limit to how many bulk messages you may send to Telegram users?
No, there aren`t any restrictions. You can send as many messages as you want at any moment. Unlike WhatsApp, there is no 24-hour rule. That is the Telegram Bot`s power. Subscribers can, of course, unsubscribe or block your bot at any moment.
Is it possible to import subscribers from another provider into Telegram Bot?
Yes, you may use Pushletter to import your current bot subscriber list from other chat platforms. All you have to do now is get your existing subscribers Chat ID. Then import it into Pushletter as a CSV file.
Is a new phone number required for the WhatsApp Business Platform?
You must completely transfer an existing number to the business platform if you wish to use it in the WhatsApp customer or business app. You won`t be able to access the WhatsApp customer or business app after the number is moved. For further information, go to Migrate App Phone Number to Business Platform.
Does WhatsApp charge for sending messages?
Facebook does indeed have a messaging fee structure. Businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform are charged per conversation. Each WhatsApp Business account will receive 1K free conversation per month. The pricing plans are available at this link.
Who is going to oversee WhatsApp Business Platform?
You must control your business accounts, WhatsApp business account, phone number, and payment mechanism in order to use WhatsApp. Nothing is under our control. You`ll be in charge of everything.
Do I need business verification & approval from WhatsApp?
No, the business and the app`s approval are not required. Business verification is necessary, nevertheless, if you wish to include your phone number and the name of your company. alternatively, no. Also, approval of the app is not necessary.